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Jainism and Buddhism

Buddhism and Jainism are the two branches of the Shramana tradition that still exist today. Jainism is largely confined to India, whereas Buddhism has only flourished abroad. However the two traditions share notable similarities A shramana (Sanskrit srama?a , Pali sama?a) is a wandering monk in certain ascetic traditions of ancient India including Jainism, Buddhism, and Ajivika religion (now extinct). Famous srama?a include religious leaders Mahavira and Gautama Buddha. Traditionally, a srama?a is one who renounces the world and leads an ascetic life for the purpose of spiritual development and liberation.Typically srama?as assert that human beings are responsible for their own deeds and reap the fruits of those deeds, for good or ill. Liberation, therefore, may be achieved by anybody irrespective of caste, creed, color or culture (in contrast to certain historical caste-based traditions) providing the necessary effort is made. Jain philosophy Jainism derives its philosophy from the teachings and lives of the twenty-four Tirthankaras (ford-makers or enligtened teachers), of whom Mahavira was the last.Jain Acaryas – Umasvati (Umasvami), Kundakunda, Haribhadra, Yasovijaya Ga?i and others further developed and reorganized Jain philosophy in its present form. The distinguishing features of Jain philosophy are its belief in the independent existence of soul and matter, predominance of karma, the denial of a creative and omnipotent God, belief in an eternal and uncreated universe, a strong emphasis on non-violence, an accent on relativity and multiple facets of truth, and morality and ethics based on liberation of the soul.The Jain philosophy of Anekantavada and Syadvada, which posits that the truth or reality is perceived differently from different points of view, and that no single point of view is the complete truth, have made very important contributions to ancient Indian philosophy, especially in the areas of skepticism and relativity. [8] Buddhist philos ophy Main article: Buddhist philosophy Buddhist philosophy is a system of beliefs based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, a Nepali prince later known as the Buddha.Buddhism is a non-theistic philosophy, one whose tenets are not especially concerned with the existence or nonexistence of a God or gods and which denies the existence of a creator god. The question of God is largely irrelevant in Theravada Buddhism, though most sects of Mahayana Buddhism, notably Tibetan Buddhism and most of East Asian Buddhism (in the Shurangama Mantra and Great Compassion Mantra) do regularly practice with a number of gods (as Dharmapalas and Wrathful Deities, Four Heavenly Kings, and Five Wisdom Kings) drawn from both the Mahayana Sutras and Buddhist Tantras sometimes combined with local indigenous belief systems.The Buddha criticized all concepts of metaphysical being and non-being. A major distinguishing feature of its philosophy is the rejection (anatman) of a permanent, self-existent soul (a tman). Difference Between Buddhism And Jainism On Karma †¢ Buddhism : Buddhism believes in the universality of Karma, which is a result of one's action. †¢ Jainism : Jainism also believes in the universality of karma and its effect on human beings. But, unlike Buddhism, karma, according to Jainism, is not a mere effect of one's actions, but a real substance that flows into each individual body or jiva.This karmic substance remains with a being until good conduct and self purification eliminates them. On Soul †¢ Buddhism : According to Buddhism, soul is an individuality that does exist in plants and animals, but not in non-living or inanimate things. †¢ Jainism : According to Jainism, soul is present in every animate and inanimate object of the universe including its elements – earth, water, wind, fire and air. On The Status And Evolution of Individual Beings Buddhism : After Nirvana, there is no soul, but the individuality of an individual that passes into nothingness, which is beyond any description and speculation. †¢ Jainism : After Nirvana, the soul continues to remain as an individual soul, but in the highest state of purity and enlightenment. †¢ Survival And Disappearence : Over a period of time, while Buddhism disappeared from the Indian soil, Jainism survived in India, with its teachings intact, mostly untouched by the overwhelming philosophy and practices of Hinduism, at the same time imparting to the later some of its noblest ideas.Besides, a major difference lies in the dominions of both the religions. Though both, Buddhism and Jainism, originated and developed individually in the same geographical area of India, but difference lies in their spread. While Buddhism crossed the frontiers of its motherland and went to other parts of the Indian subcontinent, Central Asia, far eastern countries, and parts of North America and Europe as well, whereas Jainism, on the other hand, remained confined to India, the land of i ts origin.

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Slavery And The Slave Trade - 1498 Words

The phenomenon of new world slavery was a well-run business and the slaves were the product. Slavery was one of the few industries in history where assets exceeded liability and owner’s equity, which is an unusual occurrence considering the equation is normally that assets equal liability and owner’s equity. Throughout this essay, the rise of slavery and the slave trade will be explained and slavery will be illustrated as the product of a domino effect. Slavery was a process and it took many people and pieces to fall into place for it to become the most profitable industry in its day, progressing over a 400-year time span. The economic analysis in this paper will show that the ideology of slavery in the new world came after the economic incentive. First, it is important to lay out the numbers to show the logic that was used to rationalize slavery. According to Beckles, A voyage to capture slaves in the 1700’s cost between $194,000 and $336,000. For the sake of t his example the median $265,000 will be used to represent the total cost of voyage in the 1700’s. Each voyage roughly consisted of the following costs. Many people were involved in setting up joint stock companies similar to a modern hedge fund with participatory units, to raise the capital for the slave trade and were given deeds and monopoly privileges to decrease risk of their finances. The whole point of the trip was to collect the assets, which were the slaves. The cargo on the ship was the payment forShow MoreRelatedSlavery And The Slave Trade1436 Words   |  6 PagesSlavery has been documented and has been part of the world for a very extensive time. Slaves as well-defined by numerous of individual’s state that slaves were a group of individuals who were legally bought and soon after, became the property of an owner and were forced to obey. No one knows when slavery actually came about, but we do know that it existed. So this being said, today I will be talking about the slave trade, comparing the differences of being an African slave and American slave, asRead MoreThe Slavery Of The Slave Trade1405 Words   |  6 PagesThe slave trade, which was once a legal part of the American constitution, has for many years become a form of piracy because it takes away the basic human rights of any person. The Atlantic slave trade was originated in West Africa and became a systematic institution in American and European economies. This plague brought about an inevitable existence of the nations greatest political conflict. The slave trade evoked heartbreak, and a horror to society as the nation became split over puritan valuesRead MoreThe Slavery Of The Slave Trade1328 Words   |  6 Pagesamounts of workers for cultivation infrastructure. For this reason, American settlers began the transatlantic slave trade trade. Christianity played an important role in advocating for the morality of the slave trade (Ri chard). In order to drive the slave industry, pastors across America used the traditions and stories found in the Bible to endorse and even encourage the practice of slavery. At this time, America was seeing ever dividing sects of protestantism. There were countless institutions anywhereRead MoreThe Slavery Of The Slave Trade1310 Words   |  6 PagesThe word slave is well-defined as an individual detained in servitude as the chattel of another, or one that is wholly impassive to a ruling power (American Heritage dictionary of the English language, 2011). The most renowned circumstances of slavery materialized throughout the settling of the United States of America. From 1619 until July 1st 1928 slavery was acceptable within United States of America the Slavery protestors endeavoured to end slavery, which at some point; they were effective atRead MoreThe Slavery Of The Slave Trade1104 Words   |  5 PagesThe Atlantic Slave Trade was about importing and exporting of commodities s uch as sugar, cotton and humans beings (slaves) which would be considered the most valuable product. A slave is defined as a person being held in servitude as the chattel (property) of another; one that is completely subservient to a dominating influence.† (Merriam-Webster) According to Paul Lovejoy â€Å"slavery was one form of exploitation. Its special characteristics included the idea that slaves were property; that theyRead MoreThe Slavery Of The Slave Trade1295 Words   |  6 Pagesyou a few examples of how Atlantic slave trade came to be. What would be significant about it is that the laws, and rules that existed for the slave trade, were slightly confusing. Example not everyone knew or would agree to slave trade, the vast argument was whether slavery was a necessity or not and who would be considered a slave. Some say that without slaves, they would not get the proper work done such as field work is an example. Also others argued that slavery was not needed. As a r esult of theRead MoreSlavery And The Slave Trade Essay1313 Words   |  6 Pagesuse of the domestic slave trade because of the need for slaves in the tobacco planting lands. Many landowners and planters looked towards the Chesapeake area to seek for slaves. Many slave owners started looking towards that region because the International Slave Trade had been blockaded off. The domestic slave trade began something different; where African Americans were moved to a new location either through being sold or being transferred. Because of the desperate need of slaves in order to earnRead MoreThe Slavery Of The Slave Trade1987 Words   |  8 Pagesbe complete without the mention of the interstate slave trade. This is most applicable when we talk about one aspect of the slave trade that often gets overlooked, the Atlantic Slave Trade. When mentioning the Atlantic Slave Trade, it is the fact that southerners considered reopening the trade after its dissolution in the beginning of the ninete enth century. Interestingly enough, there were movements by southerners to reopen the Atlantic Slave Trade that were in the name of southern expansion. OneRead MoreSlavery And The Slave Trade2968 Words   |  12 Pageshistory of slavery is long, documented, captured in photos and personal narratives of slaves and slave owners. There are many accounts of how slavery started, the horrific stories of transporting slaves and what they were used for throughout history. To start at the beginning you have to start with how slaves were placed in different countries and continents where they were not born. Most know about the Atlantic slave trade that effected North America, South America and the Caribbean. Slavery existedRead MoreSlavery And The Slave Trade1889 Words   |  8 PagesFor over 2,000 years, slavery has been conducted in various parts of the world. From year 1500 to year 1900, Europeans stole individuals from West Africa, West Central Africa, and Southeast Africa and shipped t hem to the different parts of the Atlantic. This process dehumanized them of their identity. Europeans stole husbands, wives, merchants, blacksmiths, farmers, and even children. They removed them from their homelands and gave them new names: slaves. European slaveholders never thought to take

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Famous Spider-Man Movie Quotes

Caught in the sticky web of Spider-Man mania? Well, who isnt? Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man spins his magic on the silver screen and he is going to make sure that all his fans remember him. This is a handpicked collection of some of the best Spider-Man  movie quotes. Spider-Man (2002) Spider-Man and Mary Jane Mary Jane: Who are you?Spider-Man: You know who I am.Mary Jane: I do?Spider-Man: Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.​ Peter ParkerNot everyone is meant to make a difference. But for me, the choice to lead an ordinary life is no longer an option. Peter Parker and Aunt MayPeter Parker: Can I do anything for you?Aunt May: You do too much†¦ college, a job, all this time with me... Youre not Superman, you know! Peter ParkerWho am I? You sure you want to know? The story of my life is not for the faint of heart. If somebody said it was a happy little tale... if somebody told you I was just your average ordinary guy, not a care in the world... somebody lied.​ Spider-Man and Mary JaneSpider-Man: You have a knack for getting in trouble.Mary Jane: You have a knack for saving my life. I think I have a superhero stalker.Spider-Man: I was in the neighborhood.​ Green Goblin​The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the waterspout. Down came the Goblin and took the spider out.​ Peter ParkerWhatever life holds in store for me, I will never forget these words: With great power comes great responsibility. This is my gift, my curse. Who am I? Im Spiderman.​ Green GoblinNo matter what you do for them, eventually, they will hate you.​ Green GoblinHeres the real truth. There are eight million people in this city. And those teeming masses exist for the sole purpose of lifting the few exceptional people onto their shoulders. You and me†¦ Were exceptional.​ Spider-Man(trying to shoot a web): Go web. Fly. Up, up, and away web! Shazam! Go! Go! Go web go! Tally ho! Peter ParkerSome spiders change colors to blend into their environment. Its a defense mechanism. Peter Parker and J. Jonah JamesonPeter Parker: Spider-Man wasnt trying to attack the city†¦ he was trying to save it. Thats slander.J. Jonah Jameson: It is not. I resent that. Slander is spoken. In print, its libel. Peter ParkerNo matter what I do, no matter how hard I try, the ones I love will always be the ones who pay†¦ Peter Parker and Aunt MayPeter Parker (about Uncle Ben): I cant help thinking about... the last thing I said to him. He tried to tell me something important, and I threw it in his face.Aunt May: You  loved him. And he loved you. He never doubted the man youd grow into; how you were meant for great things. You wont disappoint him. Green Goblin and Spider-ManGreen Goblin: Spider-Man. This is why only fools are heroes†¦ because you never know when some lunatic will come along with a sadistic choice. Let die the woman you love... or suffer the little children. Make your choice, Spider-Man, and see how a hero is rewarded.Spider-Man: Dont do it, Goblin.Green Goblin: We are who we choose to be... now choose! Spider-Man 2 May ParkerToo few characters out there, flying around like that, saving old girls like me. And Lord knows, kids like Henry need a hero. Courageous, self-sacrificing people. Setting examples for all of us. Everybody loves a hero. People line up for them, cheer them, scream their names. And years later, theyll tell how they stood in the rain for hours just to get a glimpse of the one who taught them how to hold on a second longer. I believe theres a hero in all of us, that keeps us honest, gives us strength, makes us noble, and finally allows us to die with pride, even though sometimes we have to be steady, and give up the thing we want the most. Even our dreams†¦ Harry Osborn and Spider-ManHarry Osborn: Peter... you killed my father!Spider-Man: There are bigger things happening here than me and you. Dr. Davis and Spider-ManDr. Davis: You say you cant sleep. Heartbreak? Bad Dreams?Spider-Man: There is one dream where in my dream, Im Spider-Man. But Im losing my powers. Im climbing a wall but I keep falling.Dr. Davis: Oh. So youre Spider-Man...Spider-Man: (interrupts Dr. Davis) In my dream... Actually, its not even my dream, its a friend of mines dream.Dr. Davis: Oh. Somebody elses dream. What about this friend? Why does he climb these walls? What does he think of himself?Spider-Man: Thats the problem, he doesnt know what to think.Dr. Davis: Kind of makes you mad not to know who you are? Your soul disappears, nothing is bad as uncertainty. Listen, maybe youre not supposed to be Spider-Man climbing those walls? Thats why you keep falling. Youll always have a choice, Peter.Spider-Man: (whispers) I have a choice. Mary Jane and Spider-ManMary Jane: Peter. I cant survive without you.Peter Parker: You shouldnt be here.Mary Jane: I know you think we cant be together, but cant you respect me enough to let me make my own decision? I know therell be risks but I want to face them with you. Its wrong that we should be only half alive... half of ourselves. I love you. So here I am†¦ standing in your doorway. I have always been standing in your doorway. Isnt it about time somebody saved your life?Mary Jane: Well, say something†¦Peter Parker: Thank you, Mary Jane. Mary Jane and Spider-ManMary Jane: Peter Im getting married.Spider-Man: Ive always imagined you getting you married on a hilltop.Mary Jane: Whos the groom?Spider-Man: You havent decided yet. Spider-ManYou dont understand! Im not an empty seat anymore. Im different! Kid and Spider-ManKid: (after two kids see Peter use his ‘spider’ reflexes) Howd you do that?Spider-Man: Uh... Work out... Plenty of rest... You know, eat your green vegetables...Kid: Thats what my mom is always saying, I just actually never believed her. Receptionist and Spider-ManSpider-Man: Pizza time!Receptionist: (looks at the clock on the wall) Youre late. Im not paying for those. Doc Ock and Spider-ManDoc Ock: (grabs Spider-Man in the bank)  Youre getting on my nerves.Spider-Man: I have a knack for that.Doc Ock: Not anymore. Mary Jane and Spider-ManMary Jane: (on the giant spider web) I think I always knew all this time who you really were.Peter Parker: Then you know why we cant be together. Spider-Man will always have enemies. I cant let you take that risk. I will always be Spider-Man. You and I can never be... J. Jonah Jameson to Spider-ManJ. Jonah Jameson: Parker! Youre fired!Receptionist: The planetarium.(Jonah stops Peter)J. Jonah Jameson: Wait! Youre unfired! Come here. Dr. Otto OctaviusThe power of the sun, in the palm of my hand! Dr. Otto OctaviusLadies and gentlemen, fasten your seat belts. J. Jonah Jameson to Mrs. JamesonJ. Jonah Jameson: (John Jameson has just been left at the altar by Mary Jane) Call Debra.Mrs. Jameson: The caterer?J. Jonah Jameson: Tell her not to open the caviar. Dr. Otto OctaviusBefore we start†¦ did anyone lose a bunch of twenties rolled up in a rubber band? Because we found the rubber band. J. Jonah Jameson to Garbage ManJ. Jonah Jameson: (Spider Mans costume is found) Ill give you 50 bucks for it.Garbage Man: Fifty? I can get much more on eBay.J. Jonah Jameson: Fine, (talking to the receptionist), give this man $100 and a bar of soap. Dr. Otto OctaviusLove should never be a secret. If you keep something as complicated as love stored up inside, it could make you sick. Doc OckYouve stuck your webs into my business for the last time! Dr. Otto OctaviusI will not die a monster. Peter ParkerShe looks at me every day. Mary Jane. Oh boy! If she only knew how I felt about her. Peter ParkerBut she can never know. I made a choice once to live a life of responsibility. A life she can never be a part of. Who am I? Im Spider-Man, given a job to do. And Im Peter Parker, and I too have a job. Mr. DitkovichIf promises were crackers, my daughter would be fat. Dr. Otto Octavius to Peter ParkerDr. Otto Octavius: If you want to get a woman to fall in love with you, feed her poetry.Peter Parker: Poetry?Dr. Otto Octavius: Never fails. Peter Parker(speaks to MJ through a dead phone line) I wanna tell you the truth... here it is: Im Spider-Man. Weird, huh? Now you know why I cant be with you. If my enemies found out about you... if you got hurt, I could never forgive myself. I wish I could tell you how I feel about you... Peter Parker(trying to motivate himself) Strong focus on what I want. Jonah Jameson to Peter ParkerGet your pretty little portfolio off my desk before I go into a diabetic coma!

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The Four P s Of Marketing Essay - 2120 Words

US7455-V5 (collegecouncil.emorycampuslife, 2105) NAME – PUSHPINDER SINGH STUDENT ID- ND14413 EMAIL-PUSHIDHINDSA420@GMAIL.COM Contents TASK -1 3 Task-2 5 Task-3 6 Marketing could be defined as the way of planning and executing pricing, promotion and distribution of goods and services to satisfy end user and completing the goals of organisation. The four P’s of marketing are:- †¢ Product: - it is essential for a business or organisation to in-depth features, qualities and uniqueness of their product as compared to their competitors they are offering to their customer. †¢ Price: - it how you are pricing your product or services in such a way that price of product remains competitive as compared to its competitors but still allows the organisation to make a good profit. †¢ Place: - it could also be referred to as distribution of products and services. It is where the business sells its products and how they are reaching to the end users. †¢ Promotion: - it is the various methods used by the organisation to promote its product or brand name to its customers using methods such as billboard, online or email advertisements. Holistic Marketing:- (surabhiudas91.wordpress, 2015) Definition of marketing research: - it is defined as collecting, recording and examining the data about problems related to the marketing of goods and services of organisation. It could be gathered through various ways such as online customer surveys, word of mouth, surveys etc. TASK -1 1.1 A.Show MoreRelatedMarketing Mix Of The Four P s Essay1815 Words   |  8 PagesThe marketing mix consist of the four P’s. This includes, Product, Price, Promotion, and Pricing. This element is used to combine, represent, as well as endorse and encourage a brand or product to get customers attention to buy. This also creates an option to stand out from competitors before the brand or product is really out there to sell. When you incorporate the four P’s there are a series of questions that associate with the element. What is the perceived value of your product or service? HowRead MoreCritical Discourse Analysis of Language Advertisements1553 Words   |  7 PagesKotler 4P’s of marketing Faculty of Business and Management University of Balamand January, 2011 Copyright  © 2011 All Rights Reserved Acknowledgement Thank you Dr. Fadila for your continuous support and the perseverance, tolerance that you have provided us throughout the semester. Table of Contents Acknowledgement ii Table of Contents iii Chapter 1 1 Introduction 1 Chapter 2 4 Body 4 Chapter 3 7 Model Application 7 Chapter 4 9 Conclusion 9 List of References:Read MoreMarketing on Ford Fiesta1529 Words   |  7 PagesFOM Study Programme Master of Business Administration (MBA) Module: Marketing Assignment: 1/2 Author: Christian Gondek 1st Academic Semester 2010/2011 Essen, 21.01.2011 Executive Summary - Part I The Ford Motor Company (FMC) is one of the biggest and most successful automotive manufacturers in the world based on a long tradition of automotive development. Since 1931, the plant in Cologne has produced more than forty million vehicles. The focus of this assignment is to analyse the latestRead MoreMarketing Mix1070 Words   |  5 PagesThe marketing mix is primarily made up of four variables, and they are product, place, price, and promotion. These variables are often referred to as the four P s. Many sources often describe the marketing mix as a recipe used in developing a viable marketing strategy, with each ingredient being used different ways and at different times based on the product or service one is trying to market. This paper will utilize three sources to describe the elements of the marketing mix. It will also describeRead MoreMarketing Stacys Pita Chips1750 Words   |  7 PagesTo Stacy, From Stacy Marketing and Stacy s Pita Chip Company Marketing is not just about selling and advertising products and services. In general, marketing is associated with identifying the particular wants and needs of a target market of customers, and then working to satisfy those customers better than the competition. This involves doing market research on customers, analyzing their needs, and then making strategic decisions about product design, pricing, promotion and distribution orRead MoreAmway India Marketing Mix836 Words   |  4 PagesQUE.- Suggest a Marketing Mix for Amway with specific reference to Product P of the 4 Ps. You will have to justify your ansAmwayr with market based facts in which Amway is operating in India. ANS. – Amway Working in India as†¦ Amway promotes individual entrepreneurship through its innovative direct selling approach of world class consumer products. Amway India is the country’s leading direct selling FMCG-company which manufactures and sells world-class consumer productsRead MoreThe Marketing Mix753 Words   |  3 PagesThe marketing mix is an essential component of every marketing strategy. The marketing mix is comprised of four distinct parts that include product, placement, pricing, and promotion. Regardless of what is going to be marketed, it is fundamental that a marketer know their product inside and out before any of the other three parts of the marketing mix can be utilized. The four Ps, as the four parts of the marketing mix are often referred as, can be used to demonstrate how Amazons Kindle Fire hasRead MoreThe 2201 Principles Of Marketing Essay902 Words   |  4 PagesUNIT 5 TITLE:THE FIVE â€Å"I†S OF ONE-TO-ONE MARKETING AUTHOR: STUDENT: BUS 2201-PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING Introduction This paper discusses the key elements of the Five â€Å"I†s of One- to- One Marketing which is essential in today’s rapidly changing and highly competitive world. Changing lifestyles, preferences and more demand for value by consumers in this highly competitive world advanced by technological innovations, demands marketers to craft marketing strategies that will keepRead MoreMarketing Mix Of Marketing Management1005 Words   |  5 PagesMarketing Mix in marketing management is used to attract consumers and for sales promotion, using the four basic elements/components of the mix, namely, Product, Price, Place, and Promotion (four Ps). A combination and fair application of these marketing essentials is called Marketing Mix. The four Ps may sound simple but are the crucial marketing algorithm elements. The four Ps must work together and if any on the Ps fail, the entire marketing mix is in fault state. Assuming that if we have allRead MoreWhat Is Marketing Mix? Essay706 Words   |  3 PagesWHAT IS MARKETING MIX T.H.E marketing mix is a business tool used in marketing and by marketers.. T.H.E marketing mix is often crucial when determining a product or brand s offer, and is often associated with T.H.E four P s: price, product, promotion, and place. In service marketing, however, T.H.E four Ps are expanded to T.H.E seven P s or Seven P s to address T.H.E different nature of services........ FOUR P’S OF MARKETING MIX ARE†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦. 1. PRODUCT : A product is seen as an

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Belonging Travel and Word Boulevard Free Essays

The song ‘boulevard of Broken Dreams’ is performed by Green Day. The song expresses a person’s struggle in finding where they belong in the journey of life. The titles of the song is ironic to what we would normally associate with the word ‘boulevard’ with something pleasant, glamorous and full of life it’s a direct contrast to what we many initially expect. We will write a custom essay sample on Belonging: Travel and Word Boulevard or any similar topic only for you Order Now There is no presence of life, apart from the solitary individual who walks the ‘lonely road’. The boulevard is paved with ‘broken dreams’ of darkness, of being isolated and cut off from the rest of the society ‘the city sleeps’ and not belonging to the outside world. The notion of belonging to a place is explored in the poem 10 Mary Street by Peter Skrzynecki and in Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green day, 10 Mary Street the metaphor that marked by stability, routine and familiarity; and adapting to Australia, ‘we became citizen of soil, that was feeding us’ and in the process adjusting to their adaptive home. The song opens with the declaration ‘I walk alone’ this means that on this lonely journey that it has been the ‘only’ road that he has ‘ever known’. Essentially the traveler is aware of his reality of being ‘alone’ and not knowing ‘where the road goes’ and that he recognizes that the boulevard has become his ‘home’. the co-relation between these two text is that over a long period of time they get used to the customs, in the song they get used to ‘I walk a lonely road, the only on that I have ever known’ the traveler adapted to the road and how the road has formed his ‘home’ also this song is about someone who wants to find a place where they belong and someone they trust, a safe place. The notion of not belonging to a place is explored in the poem Migrant Hostel by Peter Skrzynecki and in Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green day. line 22-23 in Migrant Hostel ‘A barrier at the main gate Sealed off the highway’ illustrates the migrants feelings of being separated and alienated, as it cuts them off from the outside the world. The road represents the road to the future were they will start a new life and their new home. The barrier represents their incarceration which is ironic considering they come here or freedom. The simile in line 25 ‘As it rose and fell like a finger pointed in reprimand or shame’ illustrates that the migrants were not wanted, stresses the lack of tolerance that they encounter the criticism that faces them and their own negative shame about leaving everything behind in order to start a new life. The reprimand and shame that faces them are obstacles to their integration. As the song indicates the traveler had dreams but the y have not come to fulfillment. But instead being ‘broken’ and the boulevard which he aimlessly travels which no one knows his existence or where he belongs. In the song Boulevard of Broken Dreams not belonging to a place is expressed in the repetition of ‘I’ throughout the song emphasizes that the traveler is alone ‘I walk a lonely road’, ‘I walk this empty street’ also ‘Where the city sleeps’ demonstrates that the traveler is isolate during his journey to find his home where he belongs, being excluded from the society. The repetition of the ‘Ah-Ah’ resonance throughout the song represents the traveler’s confusion of walking alone with the breakdown of the electric guitar in the song emphasizes that the traveler is frustrated of being segregated from the rest of the world. The frustration is emphasized as the tone consistently changes. The song highlights a sense of despair that an individual may suffer when isolated from others and when dreams fail ‘I walk alone’ confirms the traveler’s solitude and human need to walk together and to belong The contrast of not belong to a place between Migrant Hostel and Boulevard of Broken Dreams is that they both talk about having a dream of belonging to a place, the poem illustrates that they came here to start a new life with a new home and to be free but they are incarcerated by a gate that separates them from freedom and isolation and the song demonstrates the traveler is being ignored as the ‘city sleeps’ How to cite Belonging: Travel and Word Boulevard, Papers

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Innovative Technology Developing Its Product-Myasignmenthelp.Com

Question: Explain Innovative Technology Developing Its Product? Answer: Introduction: Amazon is a U.S.A based company that deals with electronic trading and cloud computing. Jeff Bezos in Seattle, Washington launched it on fifth day of July 1994 (AMZN Company Profile Executives - Inc. - Wall Street Journal" 2017). In the initial stage, Amazon was mainly dealt with online bookstore. Later on, it was expanded its business in various fields like Blue-rays, music player, video downloading, home dcor, food and beverages, jewelry and so on. Consumer reliable electronics like kindle e-readers and fire tablets were also produced by the company (Wulff, Hills and Hertwig 2015). Amazon has different commercial website fourteen countries including countries like United States, United kingdom, India, Australia, Japan, China, France, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Brazil and Mexico. Amazon logo revealed the companys business nature as it is designed with a curved arrow began with A to Z. Amazon has focused on innovative technology and developing its product reference day by day. The product list of this company includes media like books, music players, video, consumer product, home dcor, industrial and scientific items, kitchen products, various types of instruments, goods related to sports, equipments, games including every possible essential commodity (Hann, Ogneva, and Ozbas 2013). Amazon has bought many sites such as,, in the year 2010. As per the market census in 2016, Amazon ranked as fourth most valuable public company in the globe with its most prominent offer and service (Sorokina and Cantu-Paz 2016). The central focal point of this report is to describe the various aspects of Amazon Company. This report also highlights the basic conception on Baconian method, structure analysis of Amazon Company and the filtering process of Amazon. Discussion: Bacons method: Francis Bacon was a prominent scholar in United Kingdom (Rossi 2013). He had served his country as Attorney General and Lord Chancellor of England. Bacon is known as the father of empiricism. His work was based on elementary reasoning and careful study cum observation of events. He emphasized the probability of scientific knowledge. The method created by Francis Bacon is an investigative study on modern science (Bacon 2013). According to him, a systematic observation is necessary to find out the quality facts. Bacon formulates the study of nature and his thought was based on empirical knowledge, which is rooted in the natural world. With his theory, Beckon tried to overcome intellectual blockade. He opposed to the philosophy of Aristotle. The theory of Beckon is mainly based on natural law and a deep observation regarding it. Francis Beckon has generated three main domain of empiricism. They are facts, evidence and research. Francis Beckon has recorded his work in his book Novum Orga num (Bacon 2016). His study evolved with natural science and he tried to investigate it with an approach of scientific method. Bacons method is the foundation of new age scientific research. In his theory, there is a co existence of nature and science. Bacons idea differed with the idea of scientist. Bacon ironically revealed that scientific innovation could be possible by maintaining the natural philosophy. Bacons philosophy was much regarded by the then people and they started to utilize the nature for profitable gain. This causes a renaissance and the life style of western society has dramatically transformed. Structure of Amazon: A corporate structure denotes the design and technique of interaction and communication among its members (Rothaermel 2015). The structure of Amazon ascertains the operational activities of managers in the arena of various business segments. Amazon is one of the top retail platforms. Thus, it is important to the company to retain a good organizational structure to maintain its reputation in the market. Adequate structure would provide Amazon an increasing market capital. The structure of Amazon can be classified into three parts: global function based groups, global hierarchy and geographic divisions (Delgado-Ratto 2014). The most effective function of all leading business organization is its structure of function-based groups. Amazon is not an exception. Function-based structure helps to facilitate commercial operation. The organizational structure of Amazon comprised of the office of the CEO, department of development program relating to business, a strong financial structure, with an intention to regulate consumer business internationally, to maintain a good accounting process and consumer business and to perpetuate legal and secretariat. Hierarchy is one of the conventional characteristics from the view of institutional feature. It helps to express the contents of global system from the aspect of command to influence the online procedure of retail firm. Command means to give a peremptory order. For an instance, the directives given by the senior managers are applicable to the company, irrespective of its branches. It helps to simplify the managerial control over the entire organization of Amazon. Amazon is one of the biggest retail portals in the world. It has different commercial website in various countries. Thus, geographic divisions are also includes within the structural characteristics of Amazon. It helps to manage the online business throughout the world. It helps to understand the regional demand of a state as it is different from one state to another and it is important to meet all the requirement of a customer in case of operate the business smoothly. Amazon has divided its geographic division in two parts, North American zone and international zone (Alden et al. 2016). The corporate structure of Amazon is supportive in nature. Based on suitable structure, Amazon has achieved worlds fourth most valuable public company in the year 2016. The function-based group and hierarchy structure brings Amazon to implement rapid and effective managerial directives. Geographic divisions also help to focus on the online retail program in certain regions mentioned herein. Management of Amazon: Amazon runs its business from an unparalleled path of prosperity by the assistance of an experienced management team (Teece 2017). It becomes one of the dominant companies that eligible to cloud computing service. Jeff Bezos was the founder of the company and he is the chairperson of the board of Directors of Amazon. The company has achieved such a phenomenal position for his tremendous effort. However, Chief Executive Officer, Director, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Technology Officer manage Amazon ("AMZN Company Profile Executives - Inc. - Wall Street Journal" 2017). The main function of the Chief Executive Officer of Amazon is to look after the strategic as well as operational roles of the company. The cardinal responsibility of a CEO is to identify the proper market for Amazon, to ensure the effective application of the resources of the company, enlargement of various processes in the territory of organization, and arranging meetings to discuss about various issues relating to the companys market affairs. Jeff Bezos is the CEO of Amazon. Shareholders of a company may be referred as a member of the corporation (Collision et al. 2014). These shareholders elect the director of a company. Directors are participated in the meeting that organized by the board of directors. One of the major functions by the director of a company is to manage the financial statements and governance issues. Director of Amazon also communicate with the customers and business partners to make new deals and consanguinity. Daniel P. Huttenlocher and Wendell P. weeks are the directors of Amazon. To operate a company like Amazon smoothly, it is important to manage its financial program in a systematic way. Chief Financial Officer of Amazon does this function. He provides effective financial resource for the actual development of Amazon. He has to look after the provision like tax, accounting, investor relations, and financial planning. Brian Olsavsky is appointed as the Chief Financial Officer of Amazon in the year 2015. Chief Technology Officer of Amazon looks after the technological aspects as well as the technical operation within the corporate premises of the company. He submits his report directly to the CEO. Warner Vogels is the CTO of Amazon. Challenges faced by Amazon: It is true that Amazon is the biggest success in the arena of online retail sector. It has expanded its business in fourteen different countries with different web portals. Being a giant retail company, expectation from Amazon is also hopeful like sky. Many a time it has been noticed that Amazon was unable to meet all the expectation of its customer. Amazon has many competitors in market (Ramirez-Gomez et al. 2015). The most significant rivals are Alibaba group, eBay, Microsoft Corporation, Facebook Inc., Wal-Mart that create continuous market pressure and due to that, Amazon was forced to increase its market price in various aspects. That could be a challenge to the company in near future. Amazon has taken a new diversification strategy from the perspective of risk management. Unfortunately, Amazon has failed to take necessary strategy regarding it. This can help Amazon to move away from its original track and core competence. Amazons free shipping strategy can be dangerous in case of losing its margins, which cannot be optimized on cost (Hua, Hou and Bian 2016). Amazon has taken certain measures to innovate and reshape customer experience. Though the company has gained tremendous success through it, in 2012 had suffered from huge loss, as became the biggest dot-com overflow. Amazon is an online retail portal. One of the biggest challenges faced by Amazon is cyber hacking that leaves its customer data exposed (Paek et al. 2014). Amazon has recently feathered with a negative role due to its serious tax evasion. It is an online portal. Therefore, it is very common parlance to this company to bear a high rate of revenue for this. Unfortunately, Amazon was unable to meet all its revenue and that make a big challenge to the reputation of this company. Amazon has launched certain products that became a great flop. The fire phone, as launched by Amazon was a big flop (Radhakrishnan Gupta and Varma 2014). Some allegations regarding patent infringement or other lawsuits are also pending against this company, which black listed the company and created a negative effect on the company. Though there are so many challenges put forward to Amazon, it has the capability to cure all the problems. Amazon must pay more attention to the developing countries (Bull et al. 2016) and (Grant 2016). Filtration proceedings at Amazon: Amazon filters are a separate responsible company, which is supported by the local community to become a major employers region. The growth rate of Amazon is expanding rapidly. Filters are applicable to the information before an overall function specify by someone else. It helps to analyze a single base data set. The quality and quantity of online retail industries are increasing day by day. The economic expansion and public demand has supplied lifeline to these online retail shops. The present scenario of market policy is changing due to these online shopping trends. A new type of threat is also growing on this behalf. This threat can be categorized as Cyber threat (Chernin et al. 2016). It is a malicious attempt by the hackers to damage the network system of a computer. Cyber theft has become a serious problem now, especially in the zone of online payment. When a customer opted for online payment and enters his password, the hackers can easily access to the respective account with some malicious code and grab all the money. In recent past, Amazon has faced such problems and it becomes a serious threat to the company as well as it creates a negative impression on the goodwill of the company. In these cases, filtration of information is required. Companies like Amazon have to maintain a smooth administrative procedure as it is one of the most growing retail portal. Employees productive activities are necessary in this regard. Many companies monitor their employees activity on websites. Monitoring and filtering of an employees web activity is legal in respect of some perspective. It may not infringe the personal right of an employee. According to a recent survey, it reveals that approximately 44% workers are surfing adult websites from their work place. Web filtering is a process by which some websites are blocked by the employers. The filtration proceeding can be done in two ways, tally specific URLs to the block list and/or allow certain websites to be surfed. This process is very helpful to make the employees disciplined while they are working. This filtering process also helps to avoid certain unprofessional activities made by the employees during their course of employment (Mitra, Hutto, and Gilbert 2015). However, there are certain down sides too. If anyone need a site again after it was filtered or blocked, then one must go back to the website, and change the policy of it again and then only anyone can access to it. It is a long time procedure. Another negative side of filtering process is employees do not feel reliable and they can agitate against it, which can lead to a serious trouble between workers and management. Web filtering procedure is important to avoid internet abuse by the employees in work place. Amazon monitors its employees with Amazon RDS to maintain a strong database program. Besides Amazon RDS, there are different monitoring tools used by Amazon to filter the web activities. They are Amazon cloud watch alarms, Amazon cloud watch log; AWS cloud trail log monitoring, and database log files. Conclusion: Therefore, from the above discussion, it can be concluded that the retail portion of Amazon is based on a strong administrative quality as well a s work power and reasonable web filtering procedure. Amazon is the fourth most popular public company. It has its branches in fourteen different countries and the company gets a huge success to meet the maximum demand of its customers. At the initial stage, the company dealt with books, music players and video downloading. Gradually it has extended its wings and now it is one of the most remarkable online retail portal that represents the respective sector with a big hit. Amazon has a glorious history. It has bought websites like, Amazon is the USA based company has its founder Jeff Bezos. The structure analysis of Amazon is well designed and it helps the company to maintain its reputation in the market. Amazon has three structural forms. Amazon becomes capable to develop a fair accounting process. The management procedure of Amazon is assembled in a systematic way (Iwashita and Tanimoto 2016). It has a CEO as its head and director, chief financial officer, chief technology officer to assist the CEO in all possible aspects. Due to remarkable market competition, Amazon has to increase its market price. Amazon is an online retail shop that ensures free shipping to its customers and sometimes it is very hard for the company to meet its revenue properly. Sometimes, it is losing its margin that cannot be optimized on cost. Even, the cyber threat is also become a big trouble for Amazon. Amazon has taken certain measures to ensure maximum security (Narula and Jain 2015). The filtering procedure of Amazon is a big hit and Amazon get succeed to maintain a friendly working atmosphere in the administrative sector. The marketing strategy of Amazon is designed with a motto to develop customer traffic. The product offered by Amazon comprised of detailed information. Amazon provides products from most covered areas and look at the matter relating to customer satisfaction. Amazon has applied PESTEL model (political, economic, social, technological, economical and legal factors) to deal with its external affairs (Balasopoulou et al. 2016). It helps to identify the threats of external affairs. PESTEL model assists to regulate the external factors that are legally bounded. PESTEL model helps Amazon to ensure web based commerce by way of regulatory compliance (Anton 2015). References: Alden, C. B., Miller, J. B., Gatti, L. V., Gloor, M. M., Guan, K., Michalak, A. M., ... and Correia, C. S. 2016. Regional atmospheric CO2 inversion reveals seasonal and geographic differences in Amazon net biome exchange.Global change biology,22(10), 3427-3443. Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs and more. 2017. Retrieved 27 May 2017, from AMZN Company Profile and Executives - Inc. - Wall Street Journal. 2017. Retrieved 27 May 2017, from Anton, R., 2015. An Integrated Strategy Framework (ISF) for Combining Porter's 5-Forces, Diamond, PESTEL, and SWOT Analysis. Bacon, F. 2013. The Works of Francis Bacon, Baron Verulam, Viscount of St. Albans, and Lord High Chancellor of England. Vol. 5. London: Printed for M. Jones, 1818. Bacon, F. 2016.Novum organum. Jazzybee Verlag. Balasopoulou, A., Latsou, D., Kousoulakou, H., Michael, N., Mc Kenzie, D., Mair, A., Vontetsianos, T. and Geitona, M., 2016. The use of PESTEL as a change management tool to inform change management of polypharmacy and adherence within SIMPATHY program.International Journal of Integrated Care,16(6). Bull, J.W., Jobstvogt, N., Bhnke-Henrichs, A., Mascarenhas, A., Sitas, N., Baulcomb, C., Lambini, C.K., Rawlins, M., Baral, H., Zhringer, J. and Carter-Silk, E., 2016. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats: A SWOT analysis of the ecosystem services framework.Ecosystem services,17, pp.99-111. Bull, J.W., Jobstvogt, N., Bhnke-Henrichs, A., Mascarenhas, A., Sitas, N., Baulcomb, C., Lambini, C.K., Rawlins, M., Baral, H., Zhringer, J. and Carter-Silk, E., 2016. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats: A SWOT analysis of the ecosystem services framework.Ecosystem services,17, pp.99-111. Collison, D., Cross, S., Ferguson, J., Power, D., and Stevenson, L. 2014. 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Comparing person-and process-centric strategies for obtaining quality data on amazon mechanical turk. InProceedings of the 33rd Annual ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems(pp. 1345-1354). ACM. Paek, S. H., Park, I. S., Lee, E. Y., Yun, J. B., Sohn, K. W., and Choi, S. J. 2014.U.S. Patent No. 8,800,037. Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Radhakrishnan, P., Gupta, M., and Varma, V. 2014, July. Modeling the evolution of product entities. InProceedings of the 37th international ACM SIGIR conference on Research development in information retrieval(pp. 923-926). ACM. Ramirez-Gomez, S. O., Torres-Vitolas, C. A., Schreckenberg, K., Honzk, M., Cruz-Garcia, G. S., Willcock, S., ... and Poppy, G. M. 2015. Analysis of ecosystem services provision in the Colombian Amazon using participatory research and mapping techniques.Ecosystem Services,13, 93-107. Rossi, P. 2013.Francis Bacon: from magic to science(Vol. 26). Routledge. Rothaermel, F. T. 2015.Strategic management. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill. Sorokina, D., and Cantu-Paz, E. 2016, July. Amazon Search: The Joy of Ranking Products. InProceedings of the 39th International ACM SIGIR conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval(pp. 459-460). ACM. Teece, D. J. 2017. A capability theory of the firm: an economics and (strategic) management perspective.New Zealand Economic Papers. Wulff, D. U., Hills, T. T., and Hertwig, R. 2015. Online product reviews and the descriptionexperience gap.Journal of Behavioral Decision Making,28(3), 214-223. Iwashita, M. and Tanimoto, S., 2016. Service and Billing Management Method for ICT Services.International Journal of Software Innovation (IJSI),4(2), pp.1-16. Narula, S. and Jain, A., 2015, February. Cloud computing security: Amazon web service. InAdvanced Computing Communication Technologies (ACCT), 2015 Fifth International Conference on(pp. 501-505). IEEE. 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Critic of the Application of Frederick Herzberg’s Two-Factor theory in Assessing and understanding employee motivation at work a Ghanaian Perspective Essay Essay Example

Critic of the Application of Frederick Herzberg’s Two-Factor theory in Assessing and understanding employee motivation at work: a Ghanaian Perspective Essay Paper Critic of the Application of Frederick Herzberg’s Two-Factor theory in Assessing and understanding employee motive at work: aGhanese Perspective.Patrick Ashiadey The Frederick Herzberg Two Factor Theory has had a considerable sum of practical and every bit good as theoretical influences. In fact. from a practical position. the influence of Herzberg’s motive theory can be seen at every organisational degree every bit good as within every section. From a theoretical position. Herzberg’s motive theory can be perceived as holding similarities to Maslow’s Theory of Need with the exclusion that for Herzberg’s theory. the demands aren’t placed in a progressive continuum. instead they are divided into two independent factors. Herzberg’s motive theory emerged from a aggregation of informations gathered by the interview of 203 comptrollers and applied scientists within the Pittsburgh country. The interview procedure consisted of inquiring the respondents to depict a work state of affairs where they felt really happy every bit good as really unhappy. We will write a custom essay sample on Critic of the Application of Frederick Herzberg’s Two-Factor theory in Assessing and understanding employee motivation at work: a Ghanaian Perspective Essay specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Critic of the Application of Frederick Herzberg’s Two-Factor theory in Assessing and understanding employee motivation at work: a Ghanaian Perspective Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Critic of the Application of Frederick Herzberg’s Two-Factor theory in Assessing and understanding employee motivation at work: a Ghanaian Perspective Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer These descriptions were to include as many inside informations as possible. including their feelings. the reading of the state of affairs every bit good as the events that are implicative of a alteration. The analysis of the responses confirmed the proposed hypothesis. where some factors where subscribers to occupation satisfaction. while others were non. In add-on. some factors were noted to be a beginning of dissatisfaction when absent. These were categorized as â€Å"Motivators† and â€Å"Hygiene† factors. the latter besides being referred to as Maintenance Factors. ( Wikipedia. 2013 ) . Employee motive in Ghana nevertheless takes on a different bend due to many factors that flaw the two factor Theory. This white paper seeks to discourse but a few of these factors. First the difference in civilizations and upbringing of the typical Africa particularly the Ghanese worker right from babyhood to the work age differs from those used in the interview procedure as they are from wholly different geographical countries. The mean Ghanese lives on or below the poorness line and as such will be happy merely holding a occupation with his basic salary regardless of the being of incentives or hygiene factors. The outlook of the mean Ghanese worker makes him fear joblessness as other signifiers of employment are difficult to come by and that entirely will actuate him or her to remain in the occupation in the absence of incentives or hygiene factors. That is the theory does non take into history single personality traits that could supply a different response to a incentive or hygiene factor. The Theory besides lacks in the apprehension of the inter-relations between some of the incentives which I wholly agree with as can be seen from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. leadership-central. com/two-factor-theory. html # ixzz2g2Bs3nao in comparing to the double construction theory. Example. one might have equal occupation acknowledgment nut he or she may non be satisfied with the degree of duties therefore one would oppugn the internal motivational value of occupation acknowledgment for the person. Lack of extremely skilled forces in the Ghanese occupation market. makes the mean Ghanese worker dependant upon his or her professional degree which would be more or less sensitive to one or the other of the factors. Frederick Herzberg’s sample infinite for his research included 203 comptrollers and applied scientists. a immense d isparity from the big population of Ghanese workers in the public sector who were merely late introduced to the individual spinal column construction. Responses to the same inquiries posed to the comptrollers and applied scientists that led to the development of the theory would hold produced different consequences as what mattered to a worker in the US would non needfully hold mattered to a worker in Ghana like recreational installations. This leads us to the point where hygiene factors and incentives vary depending on the types of persons involved and the nature of work examined. There is besides the instance where there exists no prove that extremely satisfied people are besides high performing artists per a research done on the cyberspace. Example is the mean Ghanese worker in the populace sector basking the new individual spinal column wage construction still necessitating some signifier of excess hard currency for him or her to transport out his or her civil responsibilities. All said and done. it is a well-known fact that the Application of the Two Factor Theory is decidedly good established within organisational scenes. In fact. every leader has the duty to guarantee that their employee’s hygiene factors are attended to and that proper incentives are implemented to increase occupation satisfaction. The most common error committed by leaders is to go to to the hygiene factor while anticipating employee motive. One application for Herzberg’s theory of motive that isn’t good known is its importance in pull offing quality. A great paper by Heinz Weihrich shows the nexus between the Two Factor Theory of motive and quality. He equates the dependability or â€Å"R† factor of a merchandise as being the hygiene factor and therefore clients have grown to anticipate merchandises they purchase to be dependable. The â€Å"S† factor. the incentive. refers to the merchandise characteristics.